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The office of the Commissioner of Labour is assigned with the duties and functions relating to industrial relations, Labour Welfare and enforcement of Labour legislation besides implementation of labour welfare and social security schemes. The officials in the Labour Department are also appointed and declared as authorities performing quasi-judicial executive functions under various labour legislations of both the Central and State Governments.

Aims and objectives

  1. To ensure strict enforcement of Labour Legislation and balanced industrial relations leading to industrial growth and increased productivity.
  2. To ensure that the working class from the background community, unorganized sector and agriculture labour are not exploited and benefits provided under the law and regulations are extended to them.
  3. To strive for the welfare if the working class by extending statutary and non-statutary benefits through establishment of welfare centres for industrial workers.
  4. To ensure proper enforcement of minimum wage rates in scheduled employment including agriculture and their timely revision.
  5. Under the Goa, Daman and Diu Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1986, and Rules there under, ensure various provisions of the Act and implement various schemes aimed at prompting the welfare of the working class and their dependents.
  6. To ensure prompt disposal of Industrial Disputes by conciliation machinery and prompt disposal of Industrial Disputes by Industrial Tribunal-cum-Labour Court.


Inorder to achieve the aims and objectives, the office ensure administration of balanced industrial relations, strict enforcement of Labour Legislations, ensuring welfare benefits under the statue of workmen in both organized and unorganized sectors equally, timely revision of minimum rates of wages in scheduled employment and their proper enforcement.