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On 19th December, 2016, Goa Liberation Day, Labour Department through Department of Information Technology, Atinho, Panaji launched/developed another 9 online e-services along with payment gateway as mentioned below

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1 Application for Registration of Establishments Employing Building Workers. View

Procedure of Online E-Services for Registration of Licensing

The Building And Other Construction Workers(Regulation Of Employment And Conditions Of Service) Act, 1996 & The Goa Building And Other Construction Workers’ (Regulation Of Employment And Conditions Of Service) Rules, 2008.Procedure For Making Application For Registration Under The Building And Other Construction Workers (Re&Cs) Act, 1996 Andrules, 2008.

The Building and other Construction Workers Act applies to every establishment which employs or had employed 10 or more building workers on any day of the preceding 12 months in any building or other construction work and also applies to an individual who employs workers in any building or construction work in relation to his own residence, where the total cost of which exceeds Rupees 10 lakhs and above.

Fee payable by the Employer:
Sr. Numbers of workers proposed to be employed as building workers

  • Upto 50 Rs. 500/-
  • exceeds 50 but does not exceed 100 Rs. 1,000/-
  • exceeds 100 but does not exceed 200Rs. 2,000/-
  • exceeds 200 but does not exceed 300 Rs. 3,.000/-
  • exceeds 300 but does not exceed 400Rs. 4,000/-.
  • exceeds 400 but does not exceed 500Rs. 5,000/-

Validity of Registration Certificate:
The registration certificate issued shall be valid till the contract is in force. The registration certificate issued is not renewable and not transferable.

Registering Officers:
The Deputy Labour Commissioner, North & South have been notified as registering officers under the Act.

Registration of Establishments:
Every employer in relation to an establishment to which the Act applies shall make an application in Form-I (Rule 23(1) as per the Goa Building and other construction Workers’ (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2008 on online at www.goa.gov.in and the fee as specified above shall be paid through online payment. Scrutiny of Application and Approval. Upon scrutiny of application filed by the applicant under the Building and other construction Workers’ (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996 & rules there under, if the Deputy Labour Commissioner (Registering Authority) is satisfies with the documents submitted by the applicant, then he/she immediately approves the application. Issuing of Registration Certificate. After the approval of application necessary challan is issued to the applicant. Upon receipt of paid challan from the applicant, Deputy Labour Commissioner prepares the registration certificate and issues the same with in a one working day.