The Employment Exchanges established under the All India Scheme for discharging the functions, duties and responsibilities as envisaged in the National Employment Exchange Service Manual. Employment Exchange facilitates and serves as a link between the Job Seekers and Employers. Government of India has revamped all Government run Employment Exchanges into Model Career Centre. The  below mentioned services are offered under Regional Employment Exchange Goa;

  • Online Registration of Job Seekers and Career Aspirants
  • Online Notification of Vacancies Under CNV Act 1959
  • Model Career Centre (Counselling Hub)
  • Organising Job fairs & Placement Drives
  • Carry out outreach activities such as  Vocational Guidance / Career Counselling & Soft Skill Trainings
  • Employment Market Information & Enforcement of Employment Exchange Compulsory Notification of Vacancies Act, 1959.

Employment Exchange renders free service. No fee is charged for any service rendered by the Employment Exchange.